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The 12-Step Buddhist Podcast

Aug 30, 2018

Episode 033 What is a Real Teacher? Discussion of gurus, cults, betrayal, abuse and actual masters. In response to the scandal with Noah Levine and the Against The Stream “punk Buddhist” movement. Darren discusses his long term history with Noah, the Dharma and various cults and scams. This podcast may upset...

Aug 20, 2018

Lauren and I discuss her work as a person in recovery with the paradigm of Lilith, the Jewish mythological figure reputed to be Adam's first wife. She has great energy and is doing some cool things. You're gonna love this one. 

The Yoga of Letting Go is available for pre-order on Amazon at a discounted rate until Sep....

Aug 12, 2018

How to let go from the perspective of the 12 steps, yoga and Buddhism. Discussion of grief, loss, empathy and connection to your feelings.

Based on the upcoming book, The Yoga of Letting Go, Book II of the Yoga of Transformation Series

Aug 5, 2018

Episode 30 of The 12-Step Buddhist Podcast. Updates on new book projects. The Yoga of Self Compassion available on Amazon. This episode details a spiritual experience that I had which freed me from the bondage of long-term suffering and allowed me to practice self acceptance on a new level.