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The 12-Step Buddhist Podcast

Aug 30, 2018

Episode 033 What is a Real Teacher? Discussion of gurus, cults, betrayal, abuse and actual masters. In response to the scandal with Noah Levine and the Against The Stream “punk Buddhist” movement. Darren discusses his long term history with Noah, the Dharma and various cults and scams. This podcast may upset you. ㄀⸱⸴湩整湲污ご㌹嘰倹〱朷⮡Đⶡ慕浲㐶ࠀ㜀䴀椀縀錀대쀀혀܁␁㘁䄁匁戁瘁脁謁錁ꀁ댁숁度ᄂᔂᨂḂ⌂│⸂㘂嬂専攂樂瀂蠂贂鐂阂頂騂