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The 12-Step Buddhist Podcast

Sep 15, 2023

Stabilizing Our Recovery with Dharma Practice 
The 12-Step Buddhist Podcast Episode 102
Sutra of Golden Light: Chapter 6 on Emptiness

Dharma has to help, otherwise it's of no value. For it to work, we study, hear words, see things and do practices. Dharma has to be abporped into our lives over time. Our ability to turn confusion into peace without fighting anything comes with time and consistent effort. Never stop trying. Don't give up on the dharma, because the dharma wll never give up on you. This work is for everyone, as it conflicts with nothing. For those taking refuge in recovery, practicing dharma recovery and participating in all manner of yoga recovery and other healing modalities, clarify and deepen your recovery with the King of Glorious Sutras called the Exalted Sublime Golden Light, a Mahayana Sutra. Oral transmission and teachings by Lama Zopa Rinpoche over many retreats. I don't think we finished it, but we got a lot. Here's a main point in the Chapter on Emptiness.