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The 12-Step Buddhist Podcast

May 27, 2023

Buddha's Birthday - Saka Dawa 
If you were born after the 70s, your ideas of Dharma are probably your grandmothers, or even great grandmothers. So this here what we do on the podcast, this ain'tcher granny's dharma, y'hear? Listen in and listen up as we break it down as to exactly what it means to be born into the...

May 20, 2023

Speak to him, thou, for He heareth
And spirit with spirit can meet.
Closer is He than breathing.
And nearer than hands and feet. -Tennyson

As within, so without. Join us this week for a compassion meditation that is as close as you can possibly get to actual compassion. Apply this to recovery, as Dharma practitioners...

May 12, 2023

The notion of getting into a flow state, otherwise known as zen af, while maintaining our sobriety and living to our full potential. As Bodhisattvas on the path of recovery we can affect those around us with our own stable practice. To reach a calm state, and share gratitude, generosity and compassion with others from...