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the 12-Step Buddhist Podcast

Jun 26, 2022

Resuming where we left off in April, 2020 w/the 37 Compassion
Practices of a Bodhisattva, #8. Reading from Advice from the Lotus Born, in regards to the view as it pertains to our disturbing emotions.  This is a juicy one for addicts!

Quick check in, back at it. 

New Book Announcement for

 Compassionate Recovery:...

Apr 27, 2020

  • Covid and our practice.
  • Updates, news. 
  • Breath practice

Oct 29, 2018

Interview with a cosmic healing arts practitioner. Topics include meditation, CBD, plant medicine and more. Get it. 

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Oct 24, 2018

Discussion with Dr. JoJo, a sex therapist on the notions of sexuality and what they mean in recovery and from a spiritual perspective. 

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Aug 20, 2018

Lauren and I discuss her work as a person in recovery with the paradigm of Lilith, the Jewish mythological figure reputed to be Adam's first wife. She has great energy and is doing some cool things. You're gonna love this one. 

The Yoga of Letting Go is available for pre-order on Amazon at a discounted rate until Sep....