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The 12-Step Buddhist Podcast

Sep 11, 2018

Continued discussion of the Buddhist Lay Vows as they pertain to recent sex scandals in the Buddhist world as well as our own recovery. A little of this show was done on the road so forgive the difference in sound quality. 㠀㐮〳䌀䱆杯吠牨慥d〳3〵14異汬湩⁧畯⁴瘯牡洯扯汩⽥潃瑮楡敮獲䐯瑡⽡灁汰捩瑡潩⽮ㅅ㌵㐸䔷㤭㐶ⵄ㤴㠴䄭ㅃⴵ㔵㜵䄸〱